Silver Creek Resources

Welcome to Silver Creek Resource Page!  This website will serve as a resource page for all Silver Creek students, teachers and parents.  We welcome any feedback!

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It is the purpose of this website to give teachers and students a “one stop shop” when considering a particular technological tool to use in the classroom.  The website has four important pages:

Teacher Resources — on this page, teachers will have access to any screencast tutorials about a particular tool.  The Creek Geeks will help create these tools.  This page will also include information about SIOP/MTSS.

Student Resources — on this page, students will have their own screencast tutorials that will help them in doing student tasks using technology.

Parent Resources — learn about Schoology and Naviance on this page.

Technology Tools in Use — on this page, both teachers and students will share their feedback on different technological tools.  You will also find sample of student and teacher work utilizing the tools.

Our Creek Geek student tech group will be contributing resources to both the Student and Teacher Resources pages.