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Tech Tip #2


Director:  Scott Sparks

Anchors:  Aaron Weiner and Scott Sparks

Videographer:  Jesse Garnas

Field Reporter:  Austin Leech



aurasmaDescription- Aurasma is an app that allows you to create and look at “augmented reality” which in simpler terms, means a picture that you can put your iPad camera over and it plays a video. Say there’s a picture of a stick figure on the wall if you go to the Aurasma app and hover over this picture and stick figure will move on your iPad or say something.


  1. This is a great way to express the saying a picture is worth a thousand words because now it literally is, with just one picture you can tell an entire story.
  2. You can follow people and see what they post in your feed somewhat like Instagram or Facebook. And again it allows for a lot more information to be shared to the public than just words on paper.
  3. If the video in the picture is too long you’ll have to stand there holding your iPad at the picture for however long that video is. This could clog up the hallway with students standing in one place for long periods of time. However this is combated by double clicking the video and then you can walk away and still be viewing the video

Cons- There are a lot of problems with this app however.

  1. You can’t just point your camera at anything; it has to be a pre-program picture and you HAVE to follow that person who created that video which is really inconvenient. If I saw a random picture that said “Use Aurasma to view me” I couldn’t because I would need to know the username of the person who created it and follow them.
  2. Finally it requires you to create an account just in case you want to create an Aurasma in the future but for most people they’re just going to be viewing the Aurasmas. This isn’t really that big of a con, but if you guys are anything like me, I have countless accounts on countless apps and its hard to keep track of them, and I don’t think it’s necessary to have an account for this app and I don’t want yet another account. But, like I said this is a very small con and shouldn’t stop you from downloading this app!

Video- Here are a few examples on how Aurasma is used,

Taking your iPad out of the case


Q: Why can’t I take my iPad out of the case?

A: Physically, we can’t stop you from taking it off, we know that it is big and bulky and makes the iPad hard to use at times. However, it’s big and bulky so that it can protect your iPad from breaking, this inconvenience is a small price to pay for a safe iPad. Also, if you have insurance and your iPad breaks outside of it’s case YOUR INSURANCE WILL BE VOID and you will have to pay the full fine of $350 instead of the insurance paying for it. ONCE THE IPAD IS OUTSIDE THE CASE YOUR INSURANCE IS VOID.

broken iPad

Wi-fi Troubleshooting


Q: What can I do when my iPad won’t connect to the school wi-fi?

A: There is really nothing we can do, this problem has more to do with the school wi-fi than it has to do with the iPads. So this issue is out of our control, you just have to wait for the school wi-fi to start working again. The best advice we can give you is to turn on and off airplane mode then try reconnecting to the wi-fi

ipad airplane mode