How Do I Record My Screen?

QuickTime Player

An easy way to record your screen is already on your computer if it is apple powered . This software is called QuickTime Player, and you can access it by searching “QuickTimePlayer” on spotlight. The upsides with QuickTimePlayer is that is already on your apple computer, thus it is free; it can record the screen in chunks, or in whole; it can record only audio if you want it to; it can also record your face if your monitor has a camera. The cons with QuickTime Player are only if a certain situation presents itself. For instance, if your monitor does not have a microphone, and your headphones or ear buds do not have a microphone, then you cannot record your voice in the recording. Also, you cannot annotate the recordings after recording them. QuickTime Player is just basic recording software for apple computers which is good for recording small bits of instruction.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a way to record and explain everything on the iPad that everyone at Silver Creek High School has. It is $2.99 originally in the app store, but with the school provided iPads, it is free. You can find Explain Everything in the App Store on LANrev Apps and download it on your iPad. You can record your voice, make drawings, export with sound, and do many other things on explain everything. there are some various small things which are not as adequate as you would expect, such as the free form shape feature is very particular, and needs a very steady hand to make them draw into shapes. Also, explain everything gives no room to edit the recordings. Another thing that stands out, is that zooming out and keeping a steady screen is difficult, and rotates the screen; as well as the other prohibitions in the zooming feature.  To find out more about explain everything, click on this if you are a student and this if you are a teacher.


Notability is an app which you can access on the iPad provided to you. You can access, and download it at LANrev Apps. It is mainly for taking notes, and annotating various things. You can record on notability, but it does not record sounds, and exports through a zip file, which google drive does not support. It also has a limited amount of features, and text and images do not work well together in notability. Erasing is also challenging in notability, because it erases the whole segment, not what you just tried to select to erase. Notability is perfect for taking notes, but recording is not its special ability.To learn more about Notability go to this link.


Educreations is an app which you can access on the iPad provided to you. You can access and download it at LANrev Apps. Educreations allows you to edit recordings unlike explain everything, but is very limited, and only lets you use the trim feature; which can only trim the end of the video, and none in the middle. The drawing feature only has one thickness, although there are many colors to choose from. Educreations is free, but you have to buy the ‘Pro’ edition to do several features such as exporting the recordings, but the free version allows you to share on the internet for free, but not personally or as a file. It allows for several backgrounds and allows as many pages as you want on the document.

Link to educreations tutorial