Technology and News PSA

When one turns on the news, they see something partisan and possibly alternative to the truth. This makes it difficult to create a fully functioning, coherent opinion, with 76% of internet users using Facebook, and higher than 30% of people using Facebook for their news according to research from PEW. There are a few tips and tricks to become a more savvy news consumer:

First of all, any social media source is not credible. If one finds a news source on Facebook, probably do not trust it. This is the same for any social media, and if you want to get news, go to the actual news online, or news on tv. When you do hear or read a news story, we recommend you check again to see if several sources claim the same thing.

-If a news story has the word “Opinion” in the headline, do not use it as a credible source.

-If a news story has the word “Could” as its main statement, do not use it as a credible source.

-If a news story has arbitrary or “cut out” pictures of a person not correlating to the article, be careful about the source, and probably do not use it if the source is not well-known.

-Try to google/look-up the author of the news source or the website which it is shown on.

People seem to have trouble with various things involving technology, and here are a few important tips and solutions to common problems to help those people:

Most solutions can be found on the Troubleshooting FAQ on this website. For instance:

-One big problem people have regarding technology have to do with their internet connection. If you seem to be connected to internet, but cannot load a page or download something, we recommend going in and out of airplane mode and then connecting again. If you are interested in solving your internet problems visit this link.

-If your iPad is running slow, we recommend holding down the home button for a while. That can be found in this link.

Remember that the iPads are used at your own discretion, and you in the end are responsible for them. When online, be careful with what links you click on, and never click on ads unless you know what website it is for. If there is a pop up on your computer saying there is a virus, and it needs to scan for one, do not trust it. To test for viruses on a mac, just go into activity monitor to see if there is anything suspicious running on it and using a lot of CPU. Many solutions to technology issues can be found on this website. There are various things regarding technology one has to learn to become a savvy technology consumer.