Tech Tip #2


Director:  Scott Sparks

Anchors:  Aaron Weiner and Scott Sparks

Videographer:  Jesse Garnas

Field Reporter:  Austin Leech

What happens if I lose or break my iPad?


Students who break, misplace, lose, or in someway damage their iPad will be provided with a “Loaner” iPad for a specified amount of time. If broken or damaged, the iPad will be sent in for repairs and will be returned later that week. If lost or stolen, the student with a loner must continue to try to locate their lost/stolen iPad. If the student is unable to locate their iPad during the allotted time period, the school will be forced to take disciplinary action and require that the student pay the $350 dollars (w/ insurance $175 dollars). They will also be required to fill out a police report for stolen/lost/mistreated school property.

How do I connect to the SVVSD Wifi Network?

  1. How do I connect to the SVVSD Wifi Network?

First go to the wifi settings tab and disconnect or “forget” the wifi network you are currently on (Public or SVVMD) then click on SVVSD.

The iPad will now prompt you to put in a username and password, this would be your school account login and your student ID.


User name: Doe.John15

Password: sv123456

Click “Trust” and you are ready to enjoy better internet quality.